June 16, 2018

The National Blind Idol Competition is a yearly event that means so much to a large community, the blind and visually impaired. Blind Idol is a national singing competition that celebrates the musical talents of individuals who are legally blind, representing a broad range of music genre. Blind Idol is a national singing competition that celebrates the musical talents of Americans who are legally blind. 

Contestants are competing for a chance to win not only bragging rights, but the winner will receive a prize package that includes $2,000 cash, recording studio time and head shots. We want to thank the Claire Culbreth Foundation for adding $2000 cash prize honoring the memory of Claire Culbreth one of last year’s contestants. Our deepest condolences to her family. Insightful Visionaries has arranged for an additional award to the 2018 Blind Idol winner, a one-year subscription to AIRA.

Insightful Visionaries, will also host the 2018 Blind Idol 4th Annual Semi-Finals, in Durham at the historic Carolina Theater on June 16. Approximately 600 people are expected to attend. Contestants come from all on the country to compete, hoping to move on the 2018 Finals hosted by IFB Solutions in Winston-Salem, NC. The 2016 Winner Charity Hampton, of Rural Hall, NC and 2017 Winner, Jordan Scheffer, of Asheville, NC. will perform as special guests.


The 2018 featured artist is NOVACAIN, a.k.a. “The Blind Rapper”, and National recording artist from the Braille Music tour. Braille Music is a movement based around clean hip hop that inspires people to break through stereotypes and overcome adversity. Determined to share his message around the world, Nova says, “No matter what obstacles you may face, you can overcome anything with belief and hard work. At the age of 18, I lost my sight due to being over medicated by a doctor. Shortly after that, I lost both of my parents. I was confused and questioned God’s motives. I had hit a low point in my life. My brother encouraged me to tell my story through music. He said, “Get it off your chest and let everyone know what you’re going through.” So that’s what i did. and since then, I haven’t stopped.”

Insightful Visionaries, founded by Carolyn Marshall Covington, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the independence of the blind and visually impaired community. The organization host events, activities, workshops and resources to assist the blind and visually impaired community with maintaining an independent lifestyle and participation in the mainstream community. In this case, we provide an opportunity to showcase

their singing talents.



309 W Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701 OR TICKETMASTER



In 2000, Carolyn Covington was diagnosed with a devastating degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). For over 30 years prior, she had been busy building a successful enterprise in the beauty industry. Persons with RP have no night vision and very limited sight in dimly lit places. Their peripheral vision is greatly restricted, and eventually, may become completely blind. Carolyn was determined to push forward. For the next 14 years (basically living in denial), she finally reached a point where accepting her prospects for the future became a reality. Finally, in 2015, Carolyn closed her last spa and chose to deal with her diminishing eye sight. Self-discovery soon revealed what God’s next plan for her life would be. In time, Carolyn’s new challenges were revealed as opportunities to share her experiences for the benefit of others. It would lead her to recognize the revelations as Divine intervention that would inspire her to create Insightful Visionaries.

From inception, Insightful Visionaries has been on a mission to provide the blind/visually impaired community with a broad range of resources that are convenient, accessible, and enhance their lifestyle. Through donations and community support, Carolyn’s vision for the 4 Senses Wellness Center, which will offer  a wide variety of  comprehensive programs and approach to inclusive, healthier and more functional living.



Blind Idol hopefuls are visually impaired but overflowing with musical talent


Experience the Blind Idol 2017 Semi-Finals

Insightful Visionaries hosted the 2017 Blind Idol 3rd Annual Semi-Final for IFB Solutions, held at the Raleigh Renaissance Hotel, North Hills in Raleigh, NC. The evening was compared to “American Idol. Contestant were cheered on by a standing room only crowd. The Special Guest artists who were invited to perform were selected from artists who would provide inspiration to aspiring talent and have achieved great success through determination, in spite of their own personal challenges. Guest performers included, the 2016 Winner, Shane Dittmar and 2017 Winner, Charity Hampton. Special Guest performer for 2017 was Matthew Whitaker, Internationally renowned Teen piano prodigy. A few weeks before the show Matthew attracted the attention of “Ellen DeGeneres Show” producers and Matthew’s story and talent was featured on the show.

The 2016 Blind Idol Winner Charity Hampton and 2017 Winner Jordan Scheffer. Both were recommended by 2017 Blind Idol Special Guest artist, Matthew Whitaker to perform on the Apollo Theater’s “Amateur Night at the Apollo” in 2018. Charity will appear on April 25, 2018. Jordan’s performance date is June 27, 2018.